Who we are

3V Green Eagle was established in 2000 by the multinational 3V Group, a corporation that has almost sixty years of experience in sophisticated chemical production, advanced chemical engineering and the manufacturing of process systems and equipment. These foundations have given 3V Green Eagle an insightful understanding of the environmental issues faced in the chemical engineering industry. For this reason, we are a unique company in the environmental sector with the ability to offer single-sourced and full service solutions.

In order to optimize the development of our technologies, our researchers, chemical production managers, process engineers, mechanical engineers and constructors are continuously in collaboration. In this way, we have been able to create a solid and multidisciplinary technical culture which offers a wide range of environmental solutions to the manufacturing, municipal, oil and gas and remediation industries. These solutions include:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge and sewage treatment
  • Oil and solvent recovery
  • Liquid off-spec product treatment
  • Soil and sediment treatment
  • Tar and pitch treatment
  • Drilling mud treatment

Additionally, we operate the largest industrial wastewater and sludge treatment center in Italy. Our in-house treatment technologies have been fully integrated in the center which has allowed us to become specialized in designing, building and operating environmental plants (DBO model). Hence, we offer full plant management and technical advisory which include feasibility studies, laboratory analyses, pilot plant testing and process efficiency consultancy. We also supply chemicals for water and wastewater treatment.