Enhanced Biological Treatment

3V Green Eagle has extensive experience in biological treatment plant management and fine-tuning. Our knowledge has allowed us to develop the Enhanced Biological Treatment which maximizes the treatment of the liquid effluent produced by our DUAL TOP® - Wet Oxidation plants. After these plants treat sludge and waste water, the liquid effluent is forwarded to the membrane biological reactor (MBR) for further handling.

The liquid effluent coming from both the TOP® and DUAL TOP® Wet Oxidation plants is characteristically warm and easily biodegradable. Hence, it acts as a resourceful feed to the MBR. This is especially important in the case of sensitive reaction kinetics which include reactions related to nitrogen removal.  

The effluent from our Wet Oxidation plants act as a source of carbon for the denitrification process in the MBR. Not only is this effluent efficiently used from biomass, it allows high speed biological denitrification to occur.

The final process of the DUAL TOP® - Wet Oxidation treatment includes the further removal of micro pollutants which can potentially be adsorbed in the sludge from the MBR system. This step is essential in preventing the release of recalcitrant contaminants into the environment. 

All of the above allows us to treat incoming industrial waste water with excellent removal efficiencies at all the required parameters set by our clients.