Pilot Plant testing At our testing facility or via Rental

The implementation and constant improvement of the technologies used by 3V Green Eagle is a result of the high research activity performed by its R&D department.

We are constantly seeking ways in which to innovate and invest in research and development so that we can continuously improve the systems and processes we develop.

We operate our own 2,000 m2 testing facility where pilot plant trials can be conducted. This allows us to test the equipment and proposed plants under real conditions, as opposed to depending on simulations, which enables us to fulfill our clients' requirements in every way.

If a client prefers to perform testing at their own site instead of at one of our pilot plant facilities, they can hire one of our mobile pilot units which are designed to be transported and installed easily. 3V Green Eagle can also provide personnel to assist, certify and install the correct equipment, as well as give process support during testing. 

We ensure to have a minimum of one pilot unit for each type of equipment we manufacture. These pilot units are conceptually designed so that they are identical to the industry-sized equipment.

Our pilot plant laboratories are equipped with:
  • A Wet Oxidation pilot plant and other basic instrumentation for in-situ experimental activities.
  • Anaerobic Digestion Reactors
  • Thin Film Evaporators
  • Short Path Evaporators
  • Filtration and Drying equipment