Remediation Industry

The US Environmental Protection Agency defined Environmental Remediation as "Cleanup or other methods used to remove or contain a toxic spill or hazardous materials from a contaminated site".

Remediation technologies can be classified into Ex-Situ and In-Situ methods. 

While In-Situ methods treat the contamination without removing the soils, Ex-Situ methods involve removal of affected soils and subsequent treatment , which can occur "On site", when the treating unit is local at the contaminated site, or "Ex-Situ" when the treatment process is located at a dedicated facility.

3V Green Eagle has developed a specific expertise in treating contaminated media coming from the manufacturing industry via On-site and Ex-Situ technologies. The combination of proven remediation technologies, such as Soil Washing with technologies successfully used in the industrial sector, is ideal for effectively dealing with the problems caused by polluted sites.