Design Build Operate (DBO model)

The DBO model is a very efficient solution where only one company is in charge of the design, construction and operation of a treatment plant. By centralizing these processes, project delivery can be achieved much faster and more cost-efficiently.

By being part of the 3V Group which has almost 60 years of experience in advanced chemical engineering and the manufacturing of process systems and equipment, 3V Green Eagle has the unique possibility of being a single-source, full service partner for all of its clients. We can design and implement complete process systems with all of the necessary technology and manufacturing expertise drawn from within our group.

Our competitors are only able to offer a single service or system while we can offer the complete system with full service.

This type of approach is increasing in popularity because in comparison to traditional project delivery methods, the process of integrating three functions into one project allows more to be accomplished, while also creating the simplicity of dealing with only one entity throughout the life of the project. This removes the complexities of dealing with multiple entities which allows for a smoother and centralized project delivery.

Our sister company 3V Tech can provide a full range of engineering disciplines and has its own manufacturing facilities for the design and construction of medium and large size equipment and/or plants.

The manufacturing facilities are fully equipped with:
•    3D design systems
•    In-house engineering
•    In-house quality control
•    High capacity cranes
•    In-house calendering, machining, welding
•    Easy access to transport infrastructure

3V Tech is highly experienced in a range of engineering disciplines which include:
•    Process
•    Mechanical
•    Electric
•    Civil and structural
•    Instrumentation
•    Heat transfer
•    Piping
•    Environmental

•    ASME (U-Stamp)
•    PED / DESP
•    SQL

Quality assurance
•    ISO 9001

Design codes
•    EN
•    CODAP
•    ASME
•    SVT
•    AD 2000