Tar & Pitch Treatment

Tar and pitch are thick, semisolid, residuals composed of complex hydrocarbons which are obtained via the distillation of carbonaceous materials. These residuals are a common solid waste of the chemical and petrochemical industry.

3V Green Eagle has gained experience in treating these types of waste with pyrolysis technology. Pyrolysis allows for the thermal valorization of the intrinsic calorific power of such residuals and is also able to significantly reduce their volume so that only the inorganic fraction of the material is left. Reductions can range between 90 to 95% percent of the original volume. Recovering energy allows pyrolysis to be a self-sustaining process. The excess heat in the process can also be recycled for other beneficial applications such as vapor generation. This all makes it a very effective Waste-to-Energy Process.

The inorganic fraction can be classified as a non-hazardous material and can be beneficially reused in most cases.