Pyrolysis a chemical reaction initiated by molecular breakdown at high temperature.

Pyrolysis is defined as the endothermic decomposition of a condensed substance by the action of heat. This technique does not involve reactions with oxygen or any other reagents, however, it may be conducted in their presence.

The pyrolysis technology differs from incineration because:

  • It is an endothermic reaction which absorbs heat. Combustion, on the other hand, is an exothermic reaction which releases heat.
  • It occurs in the presence of an insignificant amount of oxygen. Incineration, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of oxygen or air.
  • Pyrolysis needs a continuous external energy source.

3V Green Eagle has developed pyrolysis applications for industrial waste, sludge, tars and refinery waste. It is ideal for waste types that currently have limited options for treatment or disposal.