3V Green Eagle participates in SiCon 2014 "Contaminated Sites - Experiences in Remediation" conference on 6-8 February 2014, Brescia -Italy

The Sicon 2014 conference faces the topic issue of contaminated sites and presents the most recent experiences of soil remediation on the lab- and industrial scale.

During this conference, 3V Green Eagle, in partnership with TREVI, presents a new multidisciplinary approach to dredged sediment management, experimented in the Venice industrial channels and in the port of La Spezia and Livorno. The ideal approach for sediment management depends on a site-specific balancing of competing decision drivers, but most regions require a flexible mixture of approaches tailored to region-specific drivers and the characteristics of sediment management units within a project.

The 3V Green Eagle - TREVI presentation describes the demonstration of a flexible, innovative and low emission treatment, reuse and recycling process for lightly to extremely contaminated sediments.

(Sicon 2014 is supported by the Italian Ministry of Environment)