EU-Routes project update: 3V Green Eagle will participate in "Conference of End User" on 2 April 2014 in Braunschweig - Germany

The "Conference of End User" is aimed at disseminating the scientific results achieved during the EU-Routes project, which main objective is to set up a panel of innovative techniques for the effective management of sewage sludge.

A Board of End-Users was constituted to assure a fast dissemination of the results and their prompt applicability. So far, the Board includes 31 stakeholders, including national and international organizations, SMEs, public and private research centres, professionals, regional and national environmental agencies, municipalities and ministries.

During this conference 3V Green Eagle presents the experimental activity on industrial-scale Wet Oxidation tests with different kinds of sludge, in terms of description of the activity, rational of the adoption, results and applicability.