15 years of 3V Green Eagles's Grassobbio Treatment Center

15 years of  3V Green Eagles's Grassobbio Treatment Center

After its founding in 1999, 3V Green Eagle began its activities at the Integrated Treatment Center of Grassobbio (Bergamo) in February of 2001. The year 2016 therefore marks the 15 years celebration of the center that has become the leader in liquid waste treatment throughout Italy.

In these 15 years about 120,000 waste trucks have discharged at the treatment center, bringing in wastewater from all over Italy including the islands.These impressive numbers show the importance of the environmental service that 3V Green Eagle has carried out for the territory The reliability of the center is easily summarized in the number of rejected vehicles (fully or partially), which amounts to only 0.04% of the total received.

Thanks to the different technologies present at the treatment center, 3V Green Eagle is able to receive and properly treat a wide range of liquid waste, and appropriately discharge it into surface water. The technological heart of the treatment center is our Wet Oxidation technology that allows us to treat industrial wastewater with low biodegradability and high COD. Our treatment unit (called TOP® - Temperature, Oxygen, Pressure) was internally developed at the 3V research center and became operational as early as 1990.

The set of processes applied at the Grassobbio Treatment Center are ranked  among the "Best Available Techniques" for the handling of waste coming from fine chemicals industries and 3V Green Eagle is also involved in the working group that has as goal designing the "Best Reference Document" (BREF) for the general treatment of waste.

Thanks to the experience gained by designing and operating  the Grassobbio Treatment Center for 15 year and by the recognition received at European level, 3V Green Eagle has successfully undertaken a structured path to propose its own technologies and management experience at an international level.