Process efficiency consultancy reduce, reuse and recycle

We offer process efficiency consultancy to clients who are determined to optimize their waste processing.

Along with the longstanding experience we have gained from serving almost 200 clients in the manufacturing industry in Italy, 3V Green Eagle's chemical processes and engineering capabilities have allowed us to obtain a high level of expertise in process-waste efficiency.

Waste prevention, minimization, reuse and recycle can be achieved by implementing optimized process solutions.
Some of these processes include:

  • The separation and recovery of the most contaminated streams as well as treating them and achieving complete contaminant destruction through single-stream wet oxidation applications.
  • Solvent and oil recovery.
  • Contaminant destruction via wet oxidation which allows a maximum energy recovery at zero discharge which significantly improves waste reuse and recycle.

Our sister company, 3V Tech, has outstanding expertise in developing process systems and equipment for reactions and mechanical and thermal separation. This gives us a strong knowledgebase which allows us to offer our clients unique methods for process optimization and waste minimization.