Oil & Solvent Treatment Today, waste mixtures are a resource!

3V Green Eagle has gained extensive experience in designing, building and installing process equipment in order to implement the most innovative distillation technologies.

Our innovative distillation technologies allow oils, solvents and chemical products to be separated from waste mixtures in order to be salvaged and utilized for other purposes. Typical waste mixtures include: solvents, waste oils, oil sludge, pitch, acid wastewater from pickling and metals.

Each application is unique and therefore requires simulations, field testing, pilot tests, construction and system testing in the factory before the treatment process is implemented.

We can provide:

    • A modular, elastic and flexible solvent recovery system capable of using dozens of solvents that would otherwise be incinerated.
    • A distillation system which is able to salvage solvents mixed with thermolabile solids.
    • A unique, original, stable and reliable system with a continuous process.
    • Systems which recycle automotive waste oils.
    • Re-refining technologies.
    • Vacuum distillation, without acid treatment and with a minimization of waste. Costly liquid-liquid or super-critical extraction is not needed.
    • A flexible and adaptable system for different types of sludge.
    • Direct contact with our engineers and high engagement with the development of the treatment process.