Soil & Sediment Treatment

The company 6V Srl is a collaboration between 3V Green Eagle & TREVI to optimize the performance of land reclamation and environmental restoration works mainly through on-site techniques, including the management, treatment and recovery of contaminated soils and sediments - within infrastructural works - land reclamation works and confinement of polluted sites.

The environmental sustainability of the local surroundings must always be considered highly in infrastructural projects. The restoration and enhancement of brownfield sites, as well as activities involving the infrastructural improvement of coastal ports, are conducted in areas in which water, air, soil and marine, river or lake sediments have been contaminated throughout history.

From this, it follows that certain technical and environmental issues are created due to the need for huge sediment dredging works within hydraulic infrastructures. Similar issues need to be tackled when it comes to managing massive amounts of soil in case of works in land reclamation or the confinement of contaminated sites. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach is therefore the key to the problem.

A steady collaboration between Trevi SpA and 3V Green Eagle SpA was thus created and strengthened in order to promote innovative solutions to this type of problem. 3V Green Eagle SpA is a subsidiary of 3V Group and is specialized in the treatment of heavily-contaminated water and sludge, drilling mud and hazardous waste. The company is also committed to the research and development of new technologies which may be adopted to recover useful materials from waste.

In recent years, a technological chain based on the material's characteristics and on recovery/disposal assumptions was tested. Various tests were performed which allowed the optimization and the construction of two pilot plants. These two pilot plants are responsible for the decontamination of polluted materials and for the consolidation of the fine-grained material with poor-quality geotechnical features. One of the main goals of the chain is the recovery of the materials' fine fractions, so as to achieve a "zero discharge" in which all fractions are recycled and managed as a resource.

6V's first soil-washing plant is currently under construction. It can process up to 60 tons of soil per hour, contaminated sediments (special attention is paid to the hydrocarbon contamination) or residues from drill spoils, in order to re-use the recoverable sand and aggregates for other production processes or environmental restoration activities. The plant will be ready and certified as a mobile plant for waste treatment at the beginning of 2015, pursuant to Italian regulations.

In order to optimize treatment solutions, the company's customers, which include engineers and technicians, can use the pilot plants owned by Trevi SpA and 3V Green Eagle SpA for all mentioned technologies. These pilot plants can replicate the production processes on a small scale, thus allowing to economically and quickly evaluate a management solution suited for the site-specific characteristics of the material to be treated.