Oil & Solvent recovery

As numerous industrial processes require the minimization of wastewater and the recovery of the reusable fractions, evaporation, stripping and distillation techniques play an important role in the manufacturing industry as well as in the field of environmental technology.

Our systems are designed to recover solvents from effluent streams. They are then cleaned and prepared for reuse and/or purification so that the liquid stream does not contain any volatile products for further processing.

Our systems commonly operate under vacuum and can be designed for single-duty or multi-purpose operation. They optimally combine the following technologies:

Stripping by Steam or Other Gas
This technique removes VOC, ammonia and similar substances from liquid streams. Stripping can either be carried out in a structured column, a randomly packed column, or a trayed column.

This technique is used to separate compound mixtures under pressurized or vacuum conditions. Columns are the core of distillation plants and can be equipped with different kinds of internals, depending on the type of application. These may include a sieve tray, a bubble cap tray, structured packing or a tunnel cap tray.

Falling Film Evaporators/ Reboilers
This technology is mostly used for temperature-sensitive products. It is particularly suited for energy-saving, multiple-effect evaporation and mechanical vapor re-compression processes. It only requires a very small operating temperature and thus allows it to be easily controlled and fast to start up and shut down due to a minimal liquid hold-up. Falling film technology is the right solution for streams which are viscous in nature and contain small concentrations of suspended solids. It has the capacity to treat streams with small to large flow rates.

Thin Film Evaporators/ Reboilers
With the optimal combination of vacuum and temperature conditions and the spreading action of the internal rotor, this technology is mostly used for products with an extremely high heat-sensitivity. It is also used for the purification of substances with a very high boiling point. This technology is easy to control and fast to start up and shut down due to a very low liquid hold-up. Thin film technology is the right solution for scaling products and for highly viscous fluids. It has the capacity to treat streams with small to medium flow rates.

Forced Circulation Evaporators/ Reboilers
Due to the high circulation flow-rate and evaporation external to the heat exchanger, forced circulation technology is the right solution for highly viscous streams containing a large concentration of suspended solids, fouling products. It has the capacity to treat streams with medium to large flow rates.

Energy saving

3V Green Eagle always tries to apply techniques which minimize energy consumption for its evaporation and distillation plants. Some of the methodologies we apply include:

  • Multiple effect arrangement (ME)
  • Thermal vapor recompression (TVR)
  • Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)
  • Usage of waste energy

Our solvent recovery plants can be supplied as a skid-mounted unit or are suitable for on-site installation.