The plant

3V Green Eagle operates the largest industrial wastewater and sludge treatment center in Italy.

It is located in Grassobbio, Bergamo and comprises waste treatment plants and service support facilities offering effective, Zero Discharge, treatment processes for industrial wastewater & sludge, especially those types that are not biodegradable. 

The heart of the center is Wet Oxidation treatment.

From chemistry to environment

The treatment center is active as early as 1990 on a continuous cycle, it has been continuously improved and expanded over the years and is licensed to receive up to 400,000 tons / year of liquid waste from third parties. The reference customers, over 300 throughout Italy, come in particular from the chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors manufacturing, oil & gas, textiles and remediation activities.

The main technology with which the plant operates is that of the "Wet Oxidation" which, integrated with multiple technologies traditional ones including biological oxidation and processes chemical-physical, allows to obtain high efficiency of abatement of polluting substances on liquid waste poorly biodegradable.

Advantages of the center

There are multiple advantages due to the operation of the center which include:

  • Large treatment capacity for wastewater, especially non-biodegradable wastewater
  • High capacity of segregation and storage
  • Exceptionally low levels of environmental impact
  • High level of system automation with centralized control of all the various treatment phases
  • High professionalism of the personnel
  • 24/7 operational management of the entire center

Treatment at zero discharge

With the obtainment of the CE mark, the inorganic residue produced during the TOP® Wet Oxidation treatment can be used as filler for bituminous materials and others which are similar. We call this residue TOP® Filler, a secondary raw material that can be used to build roads. Additional processing can lead to SpheraPor & MicroPor.

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Your own treatment plant?

Would you like to have your own fully operational wet oxidation plant (spent caustic) to be installed in-site? Our sister company 3V Tech can provide a full range of engineering disciplines and has its own manufacturing facilities for the design and construction of medium and large size equipment and/or plants.