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Liquid Off-Spec Waste Treatment

Treating and recovering production over-runs, stale-dated and off-spec products and raw materials in cost effective manners can be a difficult challenge.

Sometimes, waste does not arise as rejected material but becomes waste at a later time. For instance, production errors or storing products for too long can cause them to no longer be suitable for placement in the market.

Managing this kind of waste is difficult for a couple of reasons:

  • Materials are often dense
  • Materials can be highly concentrated
  • It can be difficult to manage
  • Quick treatments are usually required

3V Green Eagle has gained a wealth of experience in managing Liquid Off-Spec Products due to our accomplished chemical background.

3V Group has almost 60 years of experience in sophisticated chemical production and advanced chemical engineering. This background has allowed us to become very effective in solving and analyzing problems, performing pilot plant and laboratory tests and feasibility studies.

Our large technology portfolio allows us to face Liquid Off-Spec product treatment in the best possible way via effective treatment methods and the maximum recovery of compounds. We can treat different types of wastes using several treatment technologies such as:

  • TOP® - Wet Oxidation technology for destroying organic liquid matter
  • Thermal treatment to recover oil and solvents
  • Pyrolysis to burn tar and pitches while recovering heat
  • Thermal desorption to treat solid wastes

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