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Chemical-physical treatment

Physical-chemical treatments are most commonly known as physical sedimentation processes accelerated with flocculants and coagulants. Mild oxidation can sometimes be integrated in this process as well.

Physical-chemical treatment can often act as a stand-alone process for treating wastewater with heavy metals and low concentrations of organic pollutants. If high concentrations of organic pollutants are present, however, Wet Oxidation treatment is required in order to achieve a zero discharge process.

Combined with the TOP® - Wet Oxidation treatment, a physical-chemical unit allows the removal of the oxidized inorganic fraction. The residual is defined by 3V Green Eagle as "TOP Filler" and it can be reused for road construction. Our TOP Filler has obtained a KIWA certificate.

3V Green Eagle has gained extensive experience in physical-chemical unit management as this has been implemented at our treatment center in Italy. It is used to perform pre- and post-treatment activities for the Wet Oxidation process and biological plant treatment.

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